Our Customers

Our clients are public and private businesses of all sizes in the healthcare, financial, professional services, manufacturing, retail, non-profit, government and education sectors. Below are just a few of the customers we've had the pleasure of serving.

Johnson Controls
Renaissance Information Systems has been providing custom applications and IT support for Johnson Controls since 1999. Some of the solutions include a complete Human Resource system, Purchasing application, and Equipment Inventory and Maintenance tracking system.

State of Vermont
We've been involved in a number of projects with the state of Vermont, including a Nutrition system for the Department of Education and a Budget Reporting system for the Department of Aging and Disabilities.

Vermont Evenstart was using an Access database that they received for no cost from a research organization. They found that it did not meet their needs and they were not able to retrieve information from this database that would help them measure their effectiveness in meeting their goals. RIS designed a new database that exactly meets their needs, while keeping features that they liked in the original application. They are now able to efficiently track the services they provide to families and measure their organizational progress (a task that used to take days) at the click of a button.

Fletcher Allen Health Care
Vermont's largest hospital has turned to RIS for a number of custom database solutions, including a Survey application for HIV patients, Project Managment software, and a database application to manage Lab Clients. RIS also enhanced a custom application for the Osteoporosis Center that reads bone density scan results and generates letters that interpret these results for patients and their physicians.

Burton Snowboards
Burton Snowboards commissioned Renaissance Information Systems to develop a quality control inspection application in their manufacturing plant. Inspection checkpoints throughout the production line collected quality control data used to improve quality.

University of Vermont
A number of programs under the UVM domain have contracted with RIS to develop custom business solutions to serve their specific needs. These include a Ticket Purchasing system spanning multiple venues for UVM's Lane Series and a Training database for the Foster and Adoptive Parent Training Partnership.

Vermont Adult Learning
RIS designed a comprehensive MIS database to register students, record class attendance and services received by students, and track student progress and achievements. VAL, a state-wide supplier of adult education services, has offices throughout the state that are connected via a wide area network. To meet this need, RIS designed a solution that allows database users to enter data without having to be "phycially connected" to the central database. Instead data is synchronized periodically to allow the sharing of information among offices. In addition, the data is automatically exported to the State of Vermont for analysis.

Parent to Parent of Vermont
RIS built a new database solution to replace an existing database that this organization used to maintain information about their clients. The old database was difficult to maintain and enhance, and did not provide much of the functionality that they needed. The new database is optimally designed to automate the client matching services that Parent to Parent provides, along with an easy way to generate and track correspondence with clients. This new system enables Parent to Parent to operate more efficiently, with the added benefit of being easily maintained and enhanced by their own staff programmer.

Peregrine Outfitters
Peregrine Outfitters is a wholesale distributor supplying outdoor retailers worldwide with over 6000 outdoor accessories, equipment and books. Peregine Outfitters has been a RIS customer since 1998 and we've developed a number of applications, including several reporting solutions, a time tracking system, and an intranet application for tracking errors made while processing orders.


1098-T Tax Reporting

Three colleges, all of which have been long-time RIS clients receiving maintenance for their legacy systems, needed to meet new IRS reporting requirements for Lifetime Learning Credit. Each college is using the same administrative computing system developed in the 1980's on an AS/400.

One of the three colleges contacted RIS to request a way of extracting student billing data for the new tax requirement. Given that this was a federal requirement, we contacted the other two colleges to see how they would be handling this.

We coordinated the collaboration on the feature set among the three colleges, and they were able to split the normal development fee three ways making for consideral savings on the cost of the project.

RIS used the latest technology to bridge the gap between their legacy system and today's client/server systems by creating a .NET windows application to connect to and extract the billing data directly from their AS/400 systems. The extracted data was stored locally in XML files for future review and reporting as well as creating a file suitable for tranmission to it's final destination.

The result was a state-of-the-art application that leveraged their legacy investment at one-third the normal cost!


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